Welcome, Fly Fishing is the heart of our community. We eat, breathe and sleep dreaming about the next time we can go fly fishing. We would gladly give up work, mowing the lawn or even eating just to be in the water catching fish.

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Notifications and Upcoming Events

January 22nd Meeting Speaker Jack Berryman

Jack W. Berryman, Ph.D., professor emeritus of the history of medicine, University of Washington School of Medicine, book author, magazine columnist, former guide, and avid
February 11th Chubski Fly Tying Round Table
Fly Tying Round Table will take place at the Redmond VFW, from 6:00 until 8:00 PM.  All needed materials will be provided. I will also bring a spare vice and
February 24th Casting Club

The Casting will meet at 1 pm at Sammamish State Park in the usual place in the grass to the left of the road coming into the park. As always, dress for the weather, wear eye protection and
February 26th Meeting Topic Climate Change Impacts to the Pacific Northwest

Our February speaker Cliff Mass - Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington will speak to us about climate change