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Article III of OFFC’s Articles of Incorporation provides that the purposes for which OFFC is organized are:

  1. To work for the improvement and perpetuation of fly fishing water; to advocate and promote the creation of land development of “fly-only” waters; and to encourage catch and release fishing programs.
  2. To encourage and contribute to the wise and long-term management of all species of fish angled for by fly fishing techniques. This shall include, but not be limited to (1) the increase of fly-taking species where this is commensurate with sound game management practices, and (2) development and/or sustenance of wild specimen fisheries.
  3. To promote and encourage sensible outdoor manners and conservation of the fishing resource, in particular, and the natural environment, in general, through example and through educational programs. This concern with the resource and the natural environment shall encompass lands proximal to streams, lakes, estuaries, and salt water, as well as those bodies of land and water themselves.
  4. To increase and improve the state-of-the-art of fly fishing through individual and collective effort: to maintain liaison with other organizations of sportsmen and conservationists (and government agencies concerned with the sport of angling and resource management); and to keep members informed of developments of interest.
  5. To maintain high standards for membership by selecting as prospective members only those persons who are dedicated fly fishermen, good sportsmen, and conservation oriented; and to temper organizational growth consistent with the maintenance of quality membership standards.
  6. To develop and carry out programs of education designed to encourage individuals of all ages to become fly fishermen and better sportsmen.
  7. To encourage understanding and appreciation of the unimpeachable and understandable rights and wishes of land owners whose good will relative to access to fishable waters is necessary to the pursuit of our angling pleasures.

OFFC 2019 Officers and Committee Leaders

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PresidentSteve Foisie
MembershipRodney Bryan
ProgramsJim Welch
EducationEd Kane
ConservationDavid Chapin
SecretaryKevin Redden
TreasurerRick Ostrander
TrusteeBill Courshon
TrusteeKent Bassett
TrusteeBill Wheeler
TrusteeKeith Baker
OutingsJoe Coakley
WindknotsDick Lange
RaffleTim Opitz
HistorianBill Courshon
LibraryPaul St. Pierre
WebmasterPaul St. Pierre
WebmasterGeorge Hu
GhillieBill Fields
GhillieTerry Sanchez
ChubskiTerry Dix
TechnologyRodney Bryan

Membership and General Questions

Email: membership@offc.org

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