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OFFC Goals

~ Vibrant ~ Fun ~ Active ~ Laughter ~ Informative ~ Value ~

GOAL 1 – Create a club environment that is fun, vibrant, informative, and active.  (Members should feel that the club provides outstanding value for the dues they pay.)

GOAL 2 – Solidify a meeting location that is reasonable in costs – Create an event atmosphere.

GOAL 3 – Increase class offerings to members

GOAL 4 – Continue to provide club members varied and outstanding fishing outings.

GOAL 5 – Recognize club members who contribute to the vibrancy of the club

GOAL 6 – Increase meeting attendance to 40+  attendees through multiple timely notification and outstanding speakers and presentations.

GOAL 7 – Increase total club membership to 80+ members


OFFC 2018 Officers and Committee Leaders

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PresidentBill Courshon
MembershipSteve Foisie
ProgramsJim Welch
EducationEd Kane
ConservationDavid Chapin
SecretaryKevin Redden
TreasurerRick Ostrander
TrusteeJim Welch
TrusteeBill Fields
TrusteeBill Wheeler
TrusteeGeorge Tomisser
OutingsJim Welch
WindknotsDick Lange
RaffleTim Opitz
LibraryPaul St. Pierre
PicnicRobert Metzger
WebmasterTom Eng
WebmasterGeorge Hu
GhillieRodney Bryan
GhillieTerry Sanchez
ChubskiTerry Dix
TechnologyRodney Bryan

Membership and General Questions

Email: membership@offc.org

Overlake Fly Fishing Club
P.O. Box 52894
Bellevue, WA 98015