07/15 Corbett Lake

Hosted Outing Site:   Date(s):  Fees: $150/nite for first 2 & $25 for each additional, $30/day launch fee
 Corbett Lake July 11th through 15th, 2012
Hosted Outing Leader(s): Phone: Email:
Ed Kane
Meeting Time: Meeting Location: Max. #Attendees:
 Anytime after noon on July 11th. Corbett Lake, Cabin PP  6 to 8 (Cabin Capacity) 
Directions: Driveto Merritt BC, take the first Merritt exit and head east on the Hi-way to Princeton.  Look for the Corbett Lake Country Inn sign on the right about 5-6 miles from the Merritt exit.  Turn left into the entrance drive from the Hi-way.  Drive to the main Lodge (first building on right) and check in.  Cabin PP is below the Lodge.
Website(s): Not up to date.
Fish: Big Kamloops Trout  Fishing strategy: Nymphing/Dry Flies/Wet Flies
Stillwater/Float tube/Pontoon boat/Own Boat/Rent one of their Boats
Tackle: Rod Wt(s) 3 to 6 weight
Line floating, intermediate, sinking depending on hatches
Leader 9 ft., 6 to 0X
Tippet 3 to 10 ft., 6 to 0X (longer lengths for chironomeds)
Flies: Patterns: Good patterns for this time of year include: Wooly Buggers, dragon fly nymphs, mayfly nymphs & adults, cadis nymphs & adults and damsel fly nymphs & adults.
6 to 14 (depending on hatches)
Hook sizes:
Other gear: Waders, Fins Float Tube Personal Flotation Device Lunch (on the water or at the cabin), warm clothes, gloves,
Pontoon Boat, Your Boat, Their Boat Polarized sunglasses sun hat, cool clothes if it is warm, etc, etc.
2-Way Radio (Ch. 13-13)
Comments / Updates / Leader Article.  We will be staying in one of the large Cabins.  This one has one small bedroom and a loft with up to 7 beds.  There are adequate dressers and racks for stowing and hanging your fishing clothes.  The basic fee for the cabin is $150 per day for the first 2 occupants.  Each additional person will be $25 per day.  There is a launch fee of $30 per day if you use your own floating device (float tube, kick boat or your own boat) or you can rent one of their boats at $40 per day (includes the launch fee).  If there is a group of 6 the daily cost will be around $75 per day if we each use individual floating devices or around $60 per day if we all buddy up in our boats.