Beaver Lake Freshly Stocked

If you haven’t heard, Beaver Lake recently got a plant of 1,200 jumbo rainbows.

This morning I took my daughter there for a little fishing together, and we had a great time.

We had lines in the water around 6:30am.  We had the best success in the north half of the lake (the half farthest away from the launch).   They were mostly in the middle, away from the shoreline.

We caught fish at different depths, but 6-10′ down seemed to be the sweet spot.   We used size 10-12 Olive Willys and Peacock Carey Specials.

The news release said the fish were ~1 lbs, but we only caught one I thought was small enough to be about that.  Most seemed to be pushing 2lbs, with a couple noticeably bigger.

Hope ya’ll get a chance to get out there & have some fun.


Nathan Nesbit