Rainbows freshly stocked in area lakes

Dusty Trout

The Seattle Times reports that WDFW has done a fall stocking.  Unfortunately most of the lakes are outside King county, but there are a few including

GREEN LK (KING) King County – Region 4 Oct 02, 2013 Rainbow 5,088 1 Whitehorse Pond
LK MERIDIAN (KING) King County – Region 4 Oct 07, 2013 Rainbow 3,132 1 Whitehorse Pond
BEAVER LKS (KING) T24 King County – Region 4 Oct 14, 2013 Rainbow 1,106 0.35 Issaquah Hatchery

For more details see http://seattletimes.com/html/othersports/2022030013_outnotes13xml.html and http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/plants/weekly/search.php?orderby=StockDate


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