Upper Cle Elum August 28th



I am in the midst of preparing an outing to the upper Cle Elum River in the last week of August, probably Wednesday the 28th.   By the upper Cle Elum River, I mean the gravel road section 4.5 to 6.5 miles north of Salmon La Sac  campground.  That is the end of the paved road.    I’ll send out a map next Monday, as I’ll be off to Idaho this week fishing the North Fork of the Couer D’Alene River and some other panhandle waters, and back on Sunday.
The outing will be just a day trip, but there is a restaurant and small motel at Lake Cle Elum, The Last Resort.  Rooms are $55 single, $70 double.  They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Restaurant across the parking lot from the motel.   Ann and I will likely spend Tuesday night at Salmon La Sac Campground – if we can get in.  It’s very popular.

The fishing will be wading for average (8-10″) to an occasional large (12-14″) cutts.   You know the kind of dries they like.  I usually have parachute Adams, caddis of a couple colors, and even stimulators.    The area I’ve staked out has some nice riffles, an occasional large boulder in the river, and some pools.   I recommend wading staffs, not because of fast flows, but because it’s a rocky bottom and you’ll be stepping over and around rocks.   Water levels will be somewhat low, depending on if there is rain between now and the 28th.   Like mountain streams, flows can pick up quickly after rain showers.  But I expect it’ll still be dry by then.   This will be some what like the Teanaway outing we did last year.   You’ll need to bring a lunch and lots of water.   By then most of the mosquitoes should be about gone.   But you could need sunscreen big time.

Put it on your calendar if you like small stream fishing and lovely Cascade mountain scenery.   It’ll be fun!   Moire details and map forthcoming.   I get a head count next week