Casting Competition @ Picnic July 20th

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There will be a Casting Competition at the Annual Picnic, July 20th at MacDonald-Tolt Park in Carnation. This year we will have distance casting for both your forward cast and back cast. There will be targets both sitting and standing, as well as using curve casts to hit a target around an obstacle and shooting narrow loops through hoops. This is a friendly competition, so give it a try don’t be shy. Winners will be awarded for overall score, combined distance, and combined score of non-distance events.


Everyone will do the distance events with the same rod and line that I will supply so there are no equipment advantages. It will be 5 weight Sage One with an SA Expert distance fly line. Please bring you favorite rod and floating line with a small yarn fly for the rest of the competition.



Bill Wheeler

IFFF Certified Casting Instructor

Watch your backcast=

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