Jan 28th 6:30PM Meeting – “Eat Me” a Flyfishers Guide to Matching the Hatch


Ted at work
Ted at work

Speaker: Mike Koslosky

Topic:  “Eat Me” a Flyfishers Guide to Matching the Hatch

Summary: Ever stood at the streambank looking into your fly box and wondering ”what the heck do I tie on?” Or, if you are like many people you look through your collection of flies and pick one out that looks good to you. Let’s demystify this process a bit and learn a few tips on how to “Match the Hatch” which will hopefully give you logical reasons for choosing a particular fly and get you into fish quicker and more consistently. The presentation will cover both fresh and saltwater hatches.

PSFF member Mike Koslosky will be our guest speaker sharing his presentation “Match the Hatch”, a program initially developed for the Northwest Youth Conservation and Fly Fishing Academy. Mike has been a playing with bugs and all manner of invertebrates since the ripe old age of 8 and for 35 years managed two Bay Area nature centers focusing on wildlife natural history and salt marsh ecology.