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Education Opportunities

Many of our members have expertise in various aspects of Fly Fishing. We draw on these members to share there knowledge by offering a wide range
of educational programs. Most of these programs are free to members. Scroll down and see some of the programs we have offered in the past.

VP Education
  • Casting: Beginning-Never ever or limited experience.
  • Casting: Intermediate/Advanced-Improve loops, accuracy & versatility.
  • Single Handed: Spey-Spey casts with a single-handed rod.
  • Fly Tying: Beginning-Learn to use tools & tie a progression of flies.
  • Fly Tying: Intermediate/Advanced-Tie advanced patterns using new techniques & materials.
  • Still Water Fishing: Lake tactics, equipment & strategies.
  • Moving Water Fishing: Reading water & fly line management for moving water.
  • Rod Building: Build a rod from a graphite blank.
  • Components Building: Build reel seats & cork handles from raw materials.
  • Entomology: Learn about bugs in streams that trout eat.
  • Rod, Lines, and Leader Characteristics: Rod performance, effects of lines & leaders, and leader construction.
Bill Lefever Stillwater Fly Fishing Class
Stillwater Fly Fishing Class
Chubski (Fly Tying Round Table)