04/14 Lake Alice

Contact: Bill Wheeler

We are planning another joint fishing extravaganza with Project Healing Waters on April 14th on Lake Alice near Fall City.  The lake will be planted in late March and by mid April the fish will have spread around the lake and there will still be some rainbows that our bait and gearhead friends have not yet harvested.  If you are not familiar with Lake Alice it is about a 30 acre partially spring fed lake about 5 minutes from Fall City with a public access.  Gasoline motors are not allowed, but electric ones are.  Several club members live on the lake.


We will be looking for people that have boats and can take the warriors around the lake.  A few of us on the lake have floating docks with electric motors that can patrol the lake in a reclining deck chair and cast from a stable platform.  As it get closer, we will want a head count so we can plan lunch.