Want to buy equipment to get started with Lake Fishing.

Rodney Bryan

One of our new members wants to buy (acquire) all the equipment needed to get started with lake fishing. There are many types of flying fishing, and he wants to try out lake fishing to see if it is the right fit for him. Some of prefer moving water over still water etc….

If you have anything to donate/sell to help him, get on the water without him making too much of a commitment please let us know what you have.

HELP: Fly Tyers Needed

Tim Opitz

The Youth Program is in need of 1 or 2 fly tyers who can help out this Tuesday.
We need anyone who can work with 8th graders to teach them how to tie a simple fly.
Our team has been hit with COVID and we are short an instructor. These are first-time tiers and the fly is very simple. We can provide everything required. The task is to work with 3-4 students in a classroom to demonstrate and then help them tye their first fly. The location is Stella Schola Middle School in Redmond.
We are teaching 29 kids and trying to keep the student to instructor ratio as low as possible.

If you can help, please contact us ASAP :

Tim Opitz (425) 919-2057 or Bill Biesbeck (425) 738-1178

Thank You !


Int/Adv Casting Class Changes

Judy Harris

Good morning all,
We had some changes to the formatting of the Intermediate/Advance Casting Class offered in the Education programs this year.

We have asked Tom Cammarata, of Northwest Fly Casting, to come on board and teach this class for members who are interested. Tom is a professional casting instructor and FFI certified. It goes without saying that he is very accomplished but he also has helped numerous people prepare for their FFI CI certification.

If you’d like to take your casting to a new level or if your confidence in your casting has kept you from going to some pretty cool places to fish – or maybe you want to be able to cast regularly past the 40-50′ mark, in wind and dicey conditions, learn how to lay the line down so the wily fish don’t see it coming, and how to set your fly down right where you intend it to go instead of hoping it will end up there, then this is your opportunity.

We have two spots left and then the class will be filled. The classes will be held the evenings of May 5 and May 19 at Lake Sammamish State Park. There will be a charge for these two classes of $ 75 to participants ($ 75 total, not each). OFFC is picking up the remaining cost to have a professional casting instructor for this opportunity.

If you’re interested then reply on this thread and let Judy know as soon as possible.

Additionally, if you are interested in preparing for your FFI Casting Instructor certification please contact Judy via email or reply to this thread.

Thank you and tight lines!


Reminder to register for classes

Judy Harris

Hi All, Just a reminder to take a look at all of the education offerings that we have scheduled for our members this year. We have already started with some of them including a great turn out for the Euronymphing course. We have a two handed spey clinic coming up that is scheduled for April 30. We have a fantastic instructor who is coming up just to teach this class. However, I will need to know by Friday if you are planning on registering. We have a minimum number of members for this one which is a $100 cost per registrant. If we don’t reach our minimum number by end of business day this Friday, April 8, this class will have to be rescheduled for Fall. Please visit the website, take a look at all the offerings and see if there are any you’d like to take part in. Tight lines!

Oral History of Bear Creek – On YouTube

Jeff Norman

Please Google Bear Creek oral history. That will take you to a post from the Redmond Historical Society and a video documentary, Bear Creek: An Oral History of a Changing Landscape. It’s just 4 minutes in length, but very informative about the history of salmon and the rehabilitation of the watershed. Did you know that King County acquired the property as a result of a federal drug bust? And Redmond was originally named “Salmonburg”? Sorry I can’t post the direct links, but you can find it easily.