2023 Auction Winners

Paul ST Pierre

The results of the OFFC 2023 auction are now viewable on the “Holiday Auctions” page of the website. You can view the winners and the high bids of both the Online Auction and the Live Auction by selecting the appropriate tab.

Note: If you haven’t paid yet, be aware that some members are having problems paying with a credit card. We are working on this issue. If you have a PayPal account, I suggest you use it as this is working fine.



Great Program Next Week with 3RTU

Judy Harris

I wanted to extend an invitation to the Overlake Fly Fishing members because I know many of you are also members of the Three Rivers Chapter of Trout Unlimited. We have a great program this next Wednesday, May 17th at the Redmond VFW – You won’t want to miss this one! Join us and meet Dave McCoy, owner of Emerald Water Anglers in West Seattle, and Giancarlo Lawrence, @theblackstonefly, as they share stories about their efforts to build diversity and equity for fly fishing and outdoor spaces. We’ll watch Gian’s movie that screened at the Telluride Mountain Film Festival and see an episode of a new series he is working on. We’ll hear about podcasts, documentaries, and more that they both are developing.

There’s also a chance, if their parents give the go-ahead – lol!, that we’ll hear from a couple of my middle school students who took part in the OFFC Outreach with Tim, Jeff, Dick, Jim, and so many more as they visited my middle school classroom and introduced 30 very diverse students to the world of fly fishing!

This is going to be a good one. If you haven’t heard these two guys talk fishing, food, the world, well let’s just say you are missing out! And if you haven’t met any of my students, you’re definitely missing out! You know the venue – Redmond VFW. Come join us next Wednesday.



Dory Fishing

Judy Harris

Hi All,
Does anyone have any information on charters for dory fishing off the Washington and/or Oregon coast. The Pacific City Dory Fishing operation appears closed indefinitely according to their website. I’d like to find a dory charter operation that uses fly fishing gear rather than spinning gear. Any ideas, please reply.

Thanks much,


Go Fund Me For Joe Jarzynka

Joe coakley

A Go Fund Me has been set up for Joe Jarzynka who drowned while fishing the Sol duc River . He leaves behind a wife and two young daughters. Joe was my friend and a dedicated steelhead fisherman but also remembered as legend among Washington Huskies football players who never called a fair catch in 4 years of returning punt returns and kickoffs. His accident may have been preventable as he was using subpar gear and reportedly not wearing a life vest. He got caught under a log jam. RIP. PLEASE DONATE WHATEVER YOU CAN. https://www.gofundme.com/f/nofaircatches

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Chain fishing warming up

Ron Olsen

Hi all. Been to Chain three times this year and it has not disappointed. Enough to the boat each day up to 18″ on blood worms and chironomids. Water temp right at 40, and fish have tended to be near the bottom, at least that is where the eaters have been. Try blood worms, chromy and silver over black sno-cones and sometimes up it a bit with more realistic flies with orange wing cases, all in#14 to #18. Usual spots, anchor up, but move around with electronics if available and look for fish and bug activity first, best fishing seems to be from noon to 3 and varies a bit by day. See you on the water; GO GET UM!



Looking to purchase a 2-3wt fiberglass rod.

Kristen Shafer

New member here, typical shy hermit living under a rock. Still getting a feel for this club.

I have been fly fishing for about 2 summers now and am looking to possibly get my first 2-3 wt fiberglass rod/reel. I like to bushwhack and fish thin blue lines. I currently love stream fishing with my first fly rod, a little White River Dogwood Canyon 5wt.

Not looking for anything super high end since I’m on a teachers salary. I think my cost limit is up near the Echo River Glass. Have been looking around for about a week, but thought to ask around here for recommendations.

Thank you!

Beginner Fly Tying Gear for 8th grader

Judy Harris

While there is nothing I love better than standing in a river casting to a rising trout, I don’t tie flies. However, thanks to Tim Opitz and the Outreach crew, I have a growing interest in fly angling with my 8th graders. I have a request from a parent who would like to give his son a beginner’s fly tying set-up as his son is super excited to go fishin’ and start tyin’. Since I have no idea what is needed, could you all chime in with ideas and suggestions. Dad would like the basics plus some “extras” that would be nice to have.

Thanks all!



Chum Fishing is On Fire on the Skagit

Joe Coakley

I fished the Skagit yesterday at Swift Creek. It was a nice 23 degrees when we got on the water about 8:30 am but did warm up as the day progressed. I had 6 layers on and very comfortable. To my surprise we had the entire run to ourselves until mid-afternoon. The bite came in waves with periods of slow fishing (one fish hook up every 10 minutes to super hot, one fish on almost every cast. The magic fly was a pink bunny leech in smaller sizes. I fished an 8 wt. with sink tip but found the fish were so close in at the head of the run that the tip would hang up, also unintentionally wrapping the fly around the fish’s tail on a few hook up, creating a wild ride to shore. If you fish a sink tip it needs to be very short and very light, maybe 60 grains. We pulled off the water around 2:30 after my pal Scott fell in, giving up the hole to two anglers who just showed up as we were leaving. Landing these fish is a real challenge and I highly recommend bringing a wading stick as it takes some time to get to shore after the hook up. Both of us landed fish in double digits. BTW: you must fish barbless hooks on the Skagit and release these fish also. I may try and get back out next week but sense the run may be nearing an end too. It was reported to me that WA. Fish and Wildlife were netting fish on both Thursday and Friday last week at this run to get eggs for the broodstock hatchery program. No idea if they will be back next week. For those of you who want to know how to find this run it is up the road from Rockport State Park maybe 2 miles. Park at the pullout and access the trail across the road. There is one small hill descent that requires some careful navigation to get to the river.



Skagit River Update

Joe Coakley

I have floated the Skagit River each of the last three weeks in search of coho and bull trout. Some very limited success with some smaller fish landed, a few hookups with some larger fish on my 5 wt. spey rod. Yesterday and last week there were good signs of salmon moving in the river but very random takes. The section floated was from Bird’s View to Hamilton. Three weeks ago I was in a T shirt in the afternoon. Yesterday it was 36 degrees at 8 am and I wore 5 layers of clothing for much of the day. We were the only boat on the river yesterday, a good indicator the fishing is off. Clarity was 18″ at am and improved as the day continued. Looking for chums which I hear at in the Skykomish in abundance near the Sultan river confluence.

IMG_3388-1.jpg IMG_3401-0.jpg


Free Rod Tubes for Local Pick up In Kirkland

Joe Coakley

FREE ROD TUBES: I recently acquired a bunch of rod tubes in both “like new” to excellent condition. All are for Orvis rods and one is for a Sage Launch. I have posted a photo of the tubes and also the rough inside dimensions for your info. These were recently acquired from a fishing buddy now living in Africa who took the rods but does not want the tubes. Go figure! ? These are FREE to any club member who needs a tube but you will need to pick up in Kirkland. I am looking to donate to a good cause.

IMG_1616-1-1.jpg ROD-TUBES-LIST-10-31-22-0.jpg