Anglers Launch New Campaign as Climate Change Threatens Recreational Fishing

Jeff Norman

A new report written for anglers by anglers serves as a call to arms to galvanize the angling community to demand action as climate change disrupts fishing experiences coast-to-coast

MAY 14, 2024 WASHINGTON – Today, the American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) released a report written for anglers, by anglers, to kick off a nationwide campaign to inspire and empower anglers and the recreational fishing industry to demand progress toward climate-ready fisheries. The report, titled “For Tomorrow’s Fish: Anglers Are the Key to Climate-Resilient Fisheries,” documents how climate change is disrupting fishing experiences and explores how anglers are best positioned to call for climate-resilient fisheries that are healthy, sustainable, and abundant.

“This is a call to arms for an angler-led movement that can help turn the tide and protect the future of fishing,” said Lucas Bissett, Executive Director of AFFTA. “From changing habitats to shifting fish populations and behavior, we can’t ignore the realities we’re seeing out on the water. As long-time stewards of our country’s waterways who are seeing these impacts firsthand, anglers have the power to make a real difference in the fight for climate-resilient fisheries – for our sport, way of life, and industry.”

There is a long legacy of shared responsibility among anglers to protect the ocean’s health, our rivers and streams, and other vital marine habitats. The report highlights how anglers, who are witnessing the impacts of climate change day to day, are uniquely in tune with the realities occurring on their fishing grounds and possess specialized knowledge that can provide insights for adapting and managing U.S. fisheries to account for climate change.

The report details how climate change affects fish behavior, abundance, productivity, and habitat, disrupting the success and sustainability of fishing experiences coast to coast. Sea level rise and warming waters are pushing essential fish habitats to the brink, destroying places legendary sportfish need to survive. Some fish are more abundant in certain areas and obsolete in others, directly impacting the success and sustainability of fishing experiences.

Communities that rely on fishing-related activities are experiencing extreme weather, stronger, less predictable storms, and flooding that are damaging critical fishing and coastal infrastructure like docks, boats, local businesses, and coastal roads and neighborhoods. These climate impacts are posing never-before-seen challenges for anglers, such as declines in the availability of baitfish, productivity of fish populations, and habitat health. Fishing experiences are suffering as a result, meaning long-held fishing traditions and opportunities for future generations of anglers are at risk.

The report is supported by over two dozen leading outdoor brands and organizations, such as Orvis, Patagonia, Far Bank, Mayfly, Bajio, and more. Its release kicks off the For Tomorrow’s Fish campaign, which will elevate anglers’ voices and empower them to demand progress toward climate-resilient fisheries.

Download the report here.

Download the one-pager here.

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About AFFTA:

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association and its conservation arm, the AFFTA Fisheries Fund, represent the community of fly-fishing businesses aligned around the sustainable growth of fly fishing, a commitment to conservation, and policies that support a thriving industry. As a trade association, AFFTA helps fly fishing businesses collaborate, coalesce and concentrate on issues facing the industry.


Winthrop Fishing Is HOT

Joe Coakley

I just returned from a 4 day fishing trip to Winthrop. I was camped at Big Twin Resort which just opened up a week ago. It was almost empty! The wind and rain made conditions challenging but the BIG SURPRISE was the quality of the fishing. We all caught multiple fish at 18″ and a few at 20″. Nothing smaller than 13″. The one common trait was the girth on these fish and the quality of the fight! Fishing my Steve Fosie/Kyler Ries 4 wt. bamboo rod was a blast. We had another boat in our group that fished the same area of Big Twin for 3 days and never moved more than 100 feet, landing well into double digits for fish landed on chronomids. I spent most of my time trolling and had great success with an Olive Hale Bopp or an olive Six pack fly (both available at Avid Angler in Lake Forest Park or Pacific Fly Fishing in Mill Creek). What I learned at Big Twin is they did an extra plant last year and that winter kill was minimal, allowing these fish to grow! Grow they did! Other intel: I did not get to fish Buzzard Lake but heard the fish were even bigger than Big Twin. Fish at Davis Lake were smaller and wind was also a challenge. I did not fish any other lakes other than Big Twin as it was the best fishing I have ever experienced there in probably a dozen trips over the past 15 years.
One other suggestion: if the wind is nasty chronomid fishing offers a nice respite. Size 18 Green chronomid or black with red wire and wings also worked in size 16 and smaller.

big-twin-2-1.jpg big-twin-1--0.jpg


Barbless hook kits

Francisco Garcia (Frank)

First and most importantly, my first meeting with OFFC impressed me with the camaraderie you all have with each other. Love it!!

New Guy Question: I have my rod, White River Shoes, Froggloggs waders, and fishnet, but need help with building my first bunch of fly’s to get me started around here. I did the Intro to Lake and Beginner Fly Fishing class. Great info!! I have a new fly case given to our by the club. Thank you!

What fly’s should I get for this season and how many? I have a 9′ 5 weight rod. My rod came with a small amount of fly’s, but I know that is not enough. Are there any PNW barb/barbless kits out there I can get my hands on?

Thanks ahead.




Ron Olsen

The ‘snake is worth fishing if you need a place to go. Recently stocked so there are 3,500 hungry 2.3 to the pounder’s out there. Water level is up to about 90%, easy launch after the over the rocks carry of mid winter.
Try an olive Hale Bopp on a long leader with intermediate to type six sinker, or vertical fish in 45 FOW anchored up and slow, inch by inch strip up from the bottom using blood worm, chironomid, red micro leech, or blob. Most fish seem to hit from 30 to 35’.
Recently got two @ 15″ plus a nice (?) 17″ sucker.


2023 Auction Winners

Paul ST Pierre

The results of the OFFC 2023 auction are now viewable on the “Holiday Auctions” page of the website. You can view the winners and the high bids of both the Online Auction and the Live Auction by selecting the appropriate tab.

Note: If you haven’t paid yet, be aware that some members are having problems paying with a credit card. We are working on this issue. If you have a PayPal account, I suggest you use it as this is working fine.



Great Program Next Week with 3RTU

Judy Harris

I wanted to extend an invitation to the Overlake Fly Fishing members because I know many of you are also members of the Three Rivers Chapter of Trout Unlimited. We have a great program this next Wednesday, May 17th at the Redmond VFW – You won’t want to miss this one! Join us and meet Dave McCoy, owner of Emerald Water Anglers in West Seattle, and Giancarlo Lawrence, @theblackstonefly, as they share stories about their efforts to build diversity and equity for fly fishing and outdoor spaces. We’ll watch Gian’s movie that screened at the Telluride Mountain Film Festival and see an episode of a new series he is working on. We’ll hear about podcasts, documentaries, and more that they both are developing.

There’s also a chance, if their parents give the go-ahead – lol!, that we’ll hear from a couple of my middle school students who took part in the OFFC Outreach with Tim, Jeff, Dick, Jim, and so many more as they visited my middle school classroom and introduced 30 very diverse students to the world of fly fishing!

This is going to be a good one. If you haven’t heard these two guys talk fishing, food, the world, well let’s just say you are missing out! And if you haven’t met any of my students, you’re definitely missing out! You know the venue – Redmond VFW. Come join us next Wednesday.



Dory Fishing

Judy Harris

Hi All,
Does anyone have any information on charters for dory fishing off the Washington and/or Oregon coast. The Pacific City Dory Fishing operation appears closed indefinitely according to their website. I’d like to find a dory charter operation that uses fly fishing gear rather than spinning gear. Any ideas, please reply.

Thanks much,


Go Fund Me For Joe Jarzynka

Joe coakley

A Go Fund Me has been set up for Joe Jarzynka who drowned while fishing the Sol duc River . He leaves behind a wife and two young daughters. Joe was my friend and a dedicated steelhead fisherman but also remembered as legend among Washington Huskies football players who never called a fair catch in 4 years of returning punt returns and kickoffs. His accident may have been preventable as he was using subpar gear and reportedly not wearing a life vest. He got caught under a log jam. RIP. PLEASE DONATE WHATEVER YOU CAN.

A9EE5990-BA2A-49FD-914F-E666D61D7564-0.jpeg E69B76B7-59B1-4B50-B8DD-5712372BDE69-1.jpeg