Beginner Fly Tying Gear for 8th grader

Judy Harris

While there is nothing I love better than standing in a river casting to a rising trout, I don’t tie flies. However, thanks to Tim Opitz and the Outreach crew, I have a growing interest in fly angling with my 8th graders. I have a request from a parent who would like to give his son a beginner’s fly tying set-up as his son is super excited to go fishin’ and start tyin’. Since I have no idea what is needed, could you all chime in with ideas and suggestions. Dad would like the basics plus some “extras” that would be nice to have.

Thanks all!



Chum Fishing is On Fire on the Skagit

Joe Coakley

I fished the Skagit yesterday at Swift Creek. It was a nice 23 degrees when we got on the water about 8:30 am but did warm up as the day progressed. I had 6 layers on and very comfortable. To my surprise we had the entire run to ourselves until mid-afternoon. The bite came in waves with periods of slow fishing (one fish hook up every 10 minutes to super hot, one fish on almost every cast. The magic fly was a pink bunny leech in smaller sizes. I fished an 8 wt. with sink tip but found the fish were so close in at the head of the run that the tip would hang up, also unintentionally wrapping the fly around the fish’s tail on a few hook up, creating a wild ride to shore. If you fish a sink tip it needs to be very short and very light, maybe 60 grains. We pulled off the water around 2:30 after my pal Scott fell in, giving up the hole to two anglers who just showed up as we were leaving. Landing these fish is a real challenge and I highly recommend bringing a wading stick as it takes some time to get to shore after the hook up. Both of us landed fish in double digits. BTW: you must fish barbless hooks on the Skagit and release these fish also. I may try and get back out next week but sense the run may be nearing an end too. It was reported to me that WA. Fish and Wildlife were netting fish on both Thursday and Friday last week at this run to get eggs for the broodstock hatchery program. No idea if they will be back next week. For those of you who want to know how to find this run it is up the road from Rockport State Park maybe 2 miles. Park at the pullout and access the trail across the road. There is one small hill descent that requires some careful navigation to get to the river.



Skagit River Update

Joe Coakley

I have floated the Skagit River each of the last three weeks in search of coho and bull trout. Some very limited success with some smaller fish landed, a few hookups with some larger fish on my 5 wt. spey rod. Yesterday and last week there were good signs of salmon moving in the river but very random takes. The section floated was from Bird’s View to Hamilton. Three weeks ago I was in a T shirt in the afternoon. Yesterday it was 36 degrees at 8 am and I wore 5 layers of clothing for much of the day. We were the only boat on the river yesterday, a good indicator the fishing is off. Clarity was 18″ at am and improved as the day continued. Looking for chums which I hear at in the Skykomish in abundance near the Sultan river confluence.

IMG_3388-1.jpg IMG_3401-0.jpg


Free Rod Tubes for Local Pick up In Kirkland

Joe Coakley

FREE ROD TUBES: I recently acquired a bunch of rod tubes in both “like new” to excellent condition. All are for Orvis rods and one is for a Sage Launch. I have posted a photo of the tubes and also the rough inside dimensions for your info. These were recently acquired from a fishing buddy now living in Africa who took the rods but does not want the tubes. Go figure! ? These are FREE to any club member who needs a tube but you will need to pick up in Kirkland. I am looking to donate to a good cause.

IMG_1616-1-1.jpg ROD-TUBES-LIST-10-31-22-0.jpg


Want to buy equipment to get started with Lake Fishing.

Rodney Bryan

One of our new members wants to buy (acquire) all the equipment needed to get started with lake fishing. There are many types of flying fishing, and he wants to try out lake fishing to see if it is the right fit for him. Some of prefer moving water over still water etc….

If you have anything to donate/sell to help him, get on the water without him making too much of a commitment please let us know what you have.

HELP: Fly Tyers Needed

Tim Opitz

The Youth Program is in need of 1 or 2 fly tyers who can help out this Tuesday.
We need anyone who can work with 8th graders to teach them how to tie a simple fly.
Our team has been hit with COVID and we are short an instructor. These are first-time tiers and the fly is very simple. We can provide everything required. The task is to work with 3-4 students in a classroom to demonstrate and then help them tye their first fly. The location is Stella Schola Middle School in Redmond.
We are teaching 29 kids and trying to keep the student to instructor ratio as low as possible.

If you can help, please contact us ASAP :

Tim Opitz (425) 919-2057 or Bill Biesbeck (425) 738-1178

Thank You !