Historical Education Archive

Historical Education Archive

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2017 OFFC Classes

CategoryClassDatesInstructorLimitCostTentative Location
CastingBeginningAfter March 12th*John Roskopf6free
Sammamish State Park
Intermediate/ Advanced After March 12th*Bill Wheeler3$50Sammamish State Park
Women's CastingAfter March 12th*Bill WheelernoneFreeSammamish State Park
Slack Line PresentationAfter March 12th*Bill WheelernoneFreeSammamish State Park
Single Hand SpeyAfter March 12th*Bill Wheeler3$50Sammamish State Park
Classic Rod CastingAfter March 12th*Bill WheelernonefreeSammamish State Park
CI PreparationOngoingBill Wheeler
John Roskopf
3noneSammamish State Park
Casting ClubOngoingBill Wheeler
John Roskopf
9noneSammamish State Park
Fly TyingBeginningLate WinterEd Kane &
Intermediate/ Advanced Early SpringEd Kane &
Round TableOngoingTerry DixVFW
FishingStillwaterEarly SpringBill LaFeverVFW
Reading Moving Water &
Fly Line Management
Mid SummerAlan Olson &
Bill Wheeler
South Fork or Middle Fork Snoqualmie River
Sage TourSpring/SummerBill WheelerSage Factory
EntomologyEarly FallAlan OlsonSo Fork Snoqualmie River
Rod Building**Finishing BlanksLate Fall/WinterJoe KristofVFW/Joe's Workshop
Reel Seats &
Late Fall/WinterJoe KristofJoe's Workshop

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Fly Tying

Technology & Rod Building

 2016 OFFC Classes

Technology of Fly Rods, Leaders and Fly Lines

Dates: February 17, 24 from 6-9 PM and March 5, 10 AM – 3 PM

Location: Small Downstairs Conference Room at the Redmond VFW

Instructor: Aaron Culley, Bill LaFever and Bill Wheeler

There will be a new class this year on the technology of fly rods, leaders and fly lines. Aaron Culley will give a session on hand tied leader construction where you will have the opportunity to tie your own leader. In that same session, Bill Wheeler will talk on the technology of fly rods.

In the next session, Bill LaFever will discuss the Common Cents method of assessing fly rod line weight compatibility and action. Bill Wheeler will provide information on the most technically advanced piece of equipment in all of your fly fishing stuff, the fly line. Learn how they are made and what exactly is a weight forward line, anyway? What determines how they cast, float or sink? How can noisey textured lines actually cast further?

Finally, on Saturday, March 5th, there will be a session at Bill Wheeler’s house where you can bring your rod and have Bill LaFever evaluate it using the Common Cents method.  There will be several fly lines to try out to see what that means to your casting and fishing.here will be adequate time to assess your fly rod. Is my 5 wt really a 5 wt and is it really fast or slow action? Bill has set up a program where the information measured from your rod can be compared to several comparable rods. Finally, Contact Bill Wheeler at education@offc.org.

Custom Reelseat & Cork Handle Building Class

Dates: March 1 & 3, 2016 at 6:00 pm

Location: Joe’s House

Instructor: Joe Kristof

Class Size: 3 Participants. Additional sessions may be added if interest is expressed.

Make your own custom wood insert for your flyrod reelseat and a custom cork handle for your next rod building project. The wood insert for the reelseat will be turned/finished in my garage on my metal lathe. Beautiful maple root burl blanks can be purchased from me for $5 or you can supply your own wood. Nickle silver or aluminum realseat components must be supplied by the participant. For the custom cork rod handles, cork rings can be purchased from me for $.60 per ring or participants can provide their own. Various accent cork rings will be available, if desired, to use in building the handle. Contact Joe at snowcat100@aol.com.

Lake Fishing Strategies – An Introduction to Fly Fishing Stillwaters An Interactive Session with Bill LaFever

Dates: April 19th and 21st, 6-9 PM

Location: Redmond VFW – Small Downstairs Conference Room

Instructor: Bill LaFever

OFFC is again privileged to have Bill LaFever present his Lake Fishing Strategies course. The six hour class over two evenings will include topics like fishing the depths and surface layers, reading the lake, life cycle of the trout and its food, flies for lakes, casting, floatation crafts and tackle selection, and knots you need to know about. Participants are encouraged to borrow or buy a copy of “Morris & Chan on Fly Fishing Trout Lakes”, which will be used as a text. Handouts will be provided. This class is free to OFFC members. Nonmembers can attend for a nominal fee of $20. To enroll contact Bill Wheeler at Education@offc.org.

OFFC casting class
OFFC casting class

Intermediate/Advanced Casting Class

Dates: TBD

Location: TBD

Instructor: Bill Wheeler, Master Casting Instructor with assistance of other Certified Instructors and Instructor Candidates

OFFC will again host an intermediate/advanced Casting Class. Due to construction at various park sites in the area, a venue has not been firmed up. When that has been worked out, we will post it. This year there will be a $50 fee for the four classes. For those members who feel that they want more basic instruction there are a couple of options. The Washington Fly Fishing Club has a beginning casting class at Green Lake Park. As you may know, Pate Peterman is the Education Chair for the Washington club and heads up their casting instruction. I have had the opportunity to assist with that class for a few years and can attest to the results its gets. Here is the link to the Washington Club class http://wffc.com/instruction.htm. Alternatively, contact me and we will work out a plan.


Raft / Driftboat Rowing Skill Class Class

Date: April 23, 2016 Session A – 10:00 am, Session B – 1:00 pm

Location: Skykomish River

Instructor: Joe Kristof

Class Size: 2 Participants per session. Additional sessions may be added if interest is expressed.

Rivers are powerful and potentially dangerous locations to have tons of fun. I will provide my raft as the training aid to float the Skykomish from Ben Howard Boat Launch to the Monroe Boat Launch. Participants will learn how to safely rig the raft, types of oar strokes and when to use them, how to read currents, and safety procedures if the raft flips or someone fall out. Life vests will be provided and must be worn during the session. Participants should wear hip boats or waders and bring appropriate clothing for NW weather. Contact Joe at snowcat100@aol.com.

Single Handed Spey Casting

Dates: 4 straight Monday evenings from May 2 to May 23, 6 to 7:30 PM

Location: Snoqualmie River under the bridge in Fall City

Instructor: Bill Wheeler

We will be hosting a new casting class this year, Single Handed Spey Casting. Spey casting is not just limited to two handed rods, you can effectively spey cast with a single handed rod. Spey casting techniques not only allow you to cast with limited to no backcast room, but to effectively change direction without false casting so your fly is swimming with the fishes more rather than soaring with the eagles. Single handed spey casting is easier done by overlining your rod a couple of sizes, but that is not required. There are special single handed spey lines available from Rio. We will see how they compare to standard lines. Single handed techniques are best learned on the water, so the classes will be held on the Snoqualmie River under the bridge in Fall City. There will be a $50 fee. Contact Bill Wheeler at education@offc.org.

Blood Knot
Blood Knot

Knot Tying

Dates: Before monthly club meetings.

Location: VFW, Redmond

Instructor: Bill Wheeler

This year we will have intermittent knot tying sessions before the monthly meeting in the Trifold format popularized by Jim Welch a couple of years ago. Do you have problems tying a blood knot, maybe you can’t figure out to consistently tie a perfection loop. What is the best know to tie your fly on with? A trifold will be set up with diagrams and animated tying of knots will be played on an iPad. Bill Wheeler will be there to demonstrate the knots and materials will be provided for people to practice with.