Education Opportunities

  • Casting: Beginning-Never ever or limited experience.
  • Casting: Intermediate/Advanced-Improve loops, accuracy & versatility.
  • Single Handed: Spey-Spey casts with a single-handed rod.
  • Fly Tying: Beginning-Learn to use tools & tie a progression of flies.
  • Fly Tying: Intermediate/Advanced-Tie advanced patterns using new techniques & materials.
  • Still Water Fishing: Lake tactics, equipment & strategies.
  • Moving Water Fishing: Reading water & fly line management for moving water.
  • Rod Building: Build a rod from a graphite blank.
  • Components Building: Build reel seats & cork handles from raw materials.
  • Entomology: Learn about bugs in streams that trout eat.
  • Rod, Lines, and Leader Characteristics: Rod performance, effects of lines & leaders, and leader construction.

Bill LeFever Still Water Fly Fishing Class

Bill Lefever Stillwater Fly Fishing Class
Stillwater fishing

Fly Tying Classes

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Fly Line Storage
Fly Line Storage

OFFC Education Fly line care and storage

DIY Stripping Basket
DIY Stripping Basket

OFFC Education Stripping Basket

Wader Repair
Wader Repair

OFFC Education Wader Repair

DIY Rod Tube
DIY Rod Tube

PVC Pipe Rod Tubes

OFFC Education Misc
OFFC Education Misc

OFFC Education Assorted Things