Online Membership Application FAQ

What are the required fields

Required fields are identified by a red asterisk next to name of the field.

Example 1

If you try to submit the form without filling out a required field, you will see an error message like the one below for each required property that you did not fill out.

Example 2

The Signature Field

  • For a device with touch screen support : use your finger or your stylus to make your mark (signature).
  • Windows with no touch screen support: Hold down the left mouse button and make your mark (signature). It’s the same process of selecting text in a document except you will be making your mark while your mouse cursor is over the signature portion of the application.
  • MAC : I do not own a single MAC but I am sure they have a similar concept as Windows
Example 3

Above is an example of a blank signature. The form will not submit if the signature is blank. You can use the clear link at the bottom right to keep trying until you are happy with the result.

Example 4

Here is an example with a signature provided. Your mileage will vary based upon the capabilities of your device.