Welcome to the Overlake Fly Fishing Club!

Fishing is the heart of our community. We eat, breathe and sleep dreaming about the next time we can go fly fishing. We would gladly give up work, mowing the lawn or even eating just to be in the water catching fish.

The Overlake Fly Fishing Club (OFFC) is a nonprofit member organization comprised of over 100 fly fishing fanatics in the Puget Sound region of Washington. We welcome all people with an interest in fly fishing from total novices wanting to learn the basics to master fishermen who can teach and mentor others. Over 40 of us meet monthly in Redmond, WA and have regular club classes and outings throughout the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere.

The OFFC is  dedicated to:

Further enhancing all of our fishing waters intelligent management of our natural resources
Continuing education in the art of fly tying and fly fishing understanding of applied entomology
Promoting the conservation of fish and wildlife in cooperation with the game management agencies
Check out our club meetings and fishing outings. Read fish stories from our members and join the best fly fishing club in the Puget Sound area!

Please send your fishing reports to the members only Google forum to check and post your fishing reports.

The Windknots is the official publication of the Overlake Fly Fishing Club and has been published monthly since April 1975.  Included in each issue are announcements of club activities such as coming programs, Board meetings, and Frank Chubski Fly Tyers.  Issues of the Windknots are located in the Members Only section.

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Members can access our Members Only webpage and forum. Here’s a document to help you through the process.


Upcoming Events

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