04/07 Rocky Ford

Contact: Lee McKenna

Hosted Outing Site:  Rocky Ford Creek Date(s): April 7th Max. #Attendees: Open
Hosted Outing Leader(s): Lee McKenna
Fish: Trout  Fishing strategy: Wading/Nymphing/Dry Flies/Wet Flies
Both dry and indicator nymphing
Tackle: Rod Wt(s) 2-5wt
Line floating,
Leader 9 ft., 5X
Tippet 2 ft., 6X
Flies: Patterns: Scuds, pmds, small leaches, BWOs, brassies, prince nymphs
Hook sizes: 12 to 22
Other gear: Waders  x
Wading Staff
Float Tube
Pontoon Boat
Sunglasses  x
2-way radio  x
Comments / Updates / Leader Article.  There is no wading in the stream, but it’s nice to have waders for working thru the brush along the bank.  (and typically at least one person will slide off the slippery bank at some point.  We will arrange car pools. Pack a lunch and water