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Fishing is the heart of our community – since 1974

Overlake Fly Fishing Club

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2023 September Program

Our presenter will be in-person at the VFW, and the presentation will be viewable online for those that do not attend in person.
Lael P Johnson presents Fly Fishing the Olympic Peninsula

In the fall of 2013 Lael began his journey as a fishing guide when he started LPJ’s Guide Service and since that decision he has never looked back or had a plan B, this is where he was meant to be. LPJ’s Guide Service was Lael’s entry into professional fishing as a conventional guide, but as his taste for fish on the fly grew, it was time for something bigger, Fly Gyde!

How does a guy from Topeka, Kansas end up being a Salmon & Steelhead Guide on the West Coast’s Olympic Peninsula?
I had always wanted to be a person who fished for a living, I didn’t know what it would entail, but I wanted to do it. It’s kind of like when a kid wants to be a fireman without really knowing what to do to be one. When I moved to Seattle over 15 years ago for a surgical technologist job, I did not realize I would have a chance to fulfill a lifelong dream, but when it came, I jumped at it! 

Growing up in the Eighties, there was a TV show called Marty Stouffer’s Wild America that I watched with my family. It showcased different animals, where they live, what they do, and in various locations around the United States, with some pretty solid narration. The episodes that I paid particular attention to were those featuring vast forests with flowing rivers, elk, bears, and fish. Watching this show years later during our 2020 quarantine I watched my favorite episode which to my amazement was entirely dedicated to the Olympic National Park, where I now guide and enjoy most of my days off, a very surreal, “No Way!” type of moment, but I guess some things are meant to be!

President’s Message

From: President Ron Olsen

So good to see all the photos of club members meeting up and putting the hurt on the incredible run of pink salmon. Many have commented that they put up a great fight in the salt water, and if handled well will provide a better meal than a trout and smoke up just fine. Anyone have a special smoking recipe for our little friends?

We have passed Labor Day, so time to put away all the white fishing attire, switch from wet wading to breathables, and go find the Gore-Tex. Actually it looks like we will be fine for a while but water temps are starting to come down which should make us all feel better about exercising trout in local rivers (if you can find one that is open) and lakes. There have been some good reports from Langlois and Rattlesnake for those that may have gotten tired of catching salmon. Yea, right…..

Our Board is meeting again and we looking forward to the full club meeting, the first up being September 26th at the VFW. We are proposing a SWAP meet, with pizza available; will get a schedule out shortly as we are working with our staff to make this work. Good chance to work on GAS, gear acquisition syndrome. May start at 5:30 so be aware. September speaker is Lael Johnson a local steelhead guide, photographer, and world traveler. Should be great, thanks Donte.

Tim Opitz is getting all fired up with our Youth Program and there are some exciting opportunities coming up there, stay tuned, more at September meeting on expanding to OFFC member beginner class, more modules to space out and let folks focus on areas they want to learn. Great chance for club members to become involved, as students and teachers. Finally learn to whip finish, right Rick?

In the “major” news department we are sadly losing an active member of the club and Board as Rowland Tegio, our Treasurer is moving to Arizona where he has said the carp and sucker fishing is not that bad. Rowland, really? Oh well there will be an airport and exotic fisheries are just a few hours away.  A major task at hand however, is to find a replacement treasurer, and we are looking for someone to join our management team and keep the books from cooking. The job is not that tough, we use excel based Quickbooks and the main duties are to balance the monthly bank statements, download and book journal entries from Square and PayPal, make disbursements for club expenses, and do filings with the State and IRS. And it really easier than even that sounds. Anyone?

Finally, thanks again for all the support from club members, the Board, and the Wellness Committee as your President regains strength from recent hospital activities. Hopefully some fishing is in the not too distant future.

Tight lines all, Ron

Memorial PlaqueBiographies of Honored MembersDedication and Background

Gene Armstrong (1910-1990):  Gene was an active member of OFFC until his untimely passing in 1990.  He served OFFC as a Trustee, Education Committee Chair, 3rd Vice President-Conservation, and Treasurer.  Gene was a well-known conservationist and fly tier and was known for his dragonfly nymph, damselfly, and other fly patterns.  He received OFFC’s Outstanding Lifetime Service Award in 1985. In 1989, he led a group of OFFC members who built the wooden footbridge at the upper end of Rocky Ford Creek, which remained in service for over 20 years.  After Gene’s passing, the club erected a plaque in his memory next to the bridge, dedicating it as the Gene Armstrong Memorial Bridge, and club members spread his ashes in the creek.

Bill Ball (1929-2015):  Bill and his wife Madeleine were active members in OFFC for many years.  Bill served briefly on the OFFC Board, was an active fly tier, and contributed many flies to OFFC raffles.  Bill passed in 2015 and is fondly remembered by many club members.  Madeleine still lives in Issaquah.  In the fall of 2018, Madeleine generously donated to OFFC Bill’s extensive collection of fly fishing gear, flies, and fly tying equipment, which has greatly benefited the club’s Raffle, Education, Chubski Fly Tiers Roundtable, Holiday Party Auction, and Youth Fly Fishing Outreach programs.

Frank Chubski (1923-1989):  Frank was a founding member of OFFC and its monthly fly-tying roundtable.  Frank also served OFFC as Education Committee Chair, Membership Vice President, and President.  Sadly, Frank passed away in 1989 before he could complete his term of office as President.  The following year, OFFC renamed the monthly fly tying roundtable that Frank helped found the Frank Chubski Fly Tiers Roundtable in his memory.  The Chubski Roundtable continues to flourish as an integral part of OFFC.

Julian May Dikty (1931-2017):  Julian was the author of numerous science fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, horror, and children’s books, mostly published under the name Julian May.  She was an active fly fisher and outdoors enthusiast throughout her life and briefly a member of OFFC, preferring to fish alone.  Shortly before her passing, Julian generously donated to OFFC her extensive collection of flies, fly-fishing equipment, and fishing books, from which the club has benefited significantly.

Larry Dixon (d. 2015, age 69):  Larry Dixon was an avid fly fisher and hunter who served OFFC as President, Vice President, and Trustee in 1982-1985.

Larry Graham (d. 2002):  Larry Graham was a master fly fisher, guide, and fly tier who developed the popular Lightning Bug fly pattern and many others.  He was an active member and leader of OFFC’s monthly fly tying roundtable for many years and also served OFFC as Vice President and Trustee He received OFFC’s Outstanding Lifetime Service Award in 1991.

Al Green (1924-2016):  Al was an avid fly fisher who served OFFC as President, Trustee, Conservation Chair, and Warm Water Committee Chair in 1984-1989 before relocating to Winthrop, where he helped found the Methow Valley Fly Fishers.

Malcolm Hickey (1924-2015):  Mal Hickey was an active OFFC member for many years, having served OFFC as President, Vice President, Secretary, and Trustee in 1980-1983, and as Picnic Committee Chair from 1987 through 1999.

Howard Kalber (1920-2003):  Howard was an accomplished fly fisher, fly tier, and rod builder who was actively involved as a member of OFFC and its fly tying roundtable for many years.  He served as President of OFFC in 1986 and also as Vice President, Trustee, Raffle Committee Chair, Auction Committee Chair, and Sportsman’s Show Committee Chair.  Howard represented a number of fly fishing gear manufacturers and vendors for many years.  As a result of his relationships with these companies, he was able to obtain fly fishing gear at bargain prices to benefit OFFC’s Raffle, Education, Holiday Party Auction, and other programs.  Howard received OFFC’s Outstanding Lifetime Service Award in both 1987 and 1988.  He led some unforgettable outings to superb fishing spots like the Babine River in Central British Columbia and the Bow River in Alberta.

Gordon Legg (1943-2010):  Gordon was a founding member of OFFC and very active in the early years of the club.  He served OFFC as President in 1978 and also as Treasurer for two years.  He received OFFC’s Outstanding Lifetime Service Award in 1979.

Lloyd Lewis:  Lloyd was a founding member of OFFC and remained active in the club for many years.  He served as OFFC’s President in 1975 and 1982 and also served as Vice President, Trustee, Treasurer, Ghillie, and Picnic Chair. He was the first recipient of OFFC’s Outstanding Lifetime Service Award in 1978 (with Lory Watkins) and also received that award in 1981.

Charles Lowe: Charlie Lowe was an active member of OFFC for many years, having served as OFFC’s Treasurer for nine years (1981-1989).  He received OFFC’s Outstanding Lifetime Service Award in 1986.

Bill Mackay (1923-2008):  Bill Mackay had previously served as President of the Puget Sound Fly Anglers before joining OFFC in the mid-1990s.  He soon made a huge impact on OFFC and remained a driving force in the club and in the fly fishing community until his passing in 2008.  Bill served OFFC as Membership Vice President in 1997, President in 1998, Trustee, and finally Conservation Chair for eight years.  He was passionate about fly fishing, conservation, and ecology and was an active participant in FFF (now FFI) and numerous conservation organizations.  Bill received OFFC’s Outstanding Lifetime Service Award in 2003.  In 2006, He became the first recipient of what is now known as the Bill Mackay Hall of Fame Award, which honors a member’s lifetime contributions to OFFC as well as to the fly fishing community.

David Nielson (1943-2015): Dave Nielson was a skilled fly fisher who mentored numerous OFFC members during his long tenure in the club and is fondly remembered by many.  He served as OFFC President in 1988 and also served the club as Membership Vice President and Trustee. David received OFFC’s Outstanding Lifetime Service Award in 2014 (with Cliff Barker).

Larry Petersen (d. 2016, age 74):  Larry was an active member of OFFC for many years, leading and participating in numerous club outings.  He later relocated to Port Ludlow, Washington, on the Olympic Peninsula.  Larry passed away in 2016 and is fondly remembered by many.

Dan Quinn (d. 2010):  Dan and his wife Marilyn were active members of OFFC in the early years of the club.  Dan served OFFC as President in 1979 and also served the club as Vice President, Trustee, and Windknots Editor (for several years).  Dan received OFFC’s Outstanding Lifetime Service Award in 1980 and in 1982 (with Marilyn Quinn).  Dan and Marilyn later relocated to Sequim, Washington.

Gordon Rasmussen (1923-2017):  Gordon was an avid fly fisher, conservationist, and fly tier who was an active member of OFFC for many years.  He served OFFC as President in 1985, the year the club was incorporated as a nonprofit corporation, and also served as Vice President, Trustee, and Historian (for many years).  After his passing, Gordon’s family and friends generously contributed over $1,000 to OFFC in his memory to be used toward the purchase and acquisition of the Rocky Ford Memorial Bench to honor Gordon and other former OFFC members who have made substantial contributions to the club.

Dick Scales (1927-2017):  Dick was an active club member for many years and an avid fly tier.  He received OFFC’s Bill Mackay Hall of Fame Award in 2008.

Francis Smith (d. 2006, age 73):  Francis was an OFFC member for many years who served as OFFC Programs Vice President, Trustee, and Membership Vice President before stepping in to complete Frank Chubski’s term as President in 1989. 

Lory Watkins (1941-2013):  Lory Watkins was a founding member of OFFC who became an OFFC institution for nearly 40 years until his passing in 2013.  Lory was a skilled fly fisher, fly tier, and conservationist.  He served OFFC as President in 1976 and in many other capacities including Secretary, FFF Committee Chair, and Windknots Editor and Historian for many years.  He was the first recipient of OFFC’s Outstanding Lifetime Service Award in 1978 (with Lloyd Lewis) and received the Bill Mackay Hall of Fame Award in 2007.  After Lory’s passing, his wife Linda generously donated Lory’s extensive collection of his own hand-tied flies and other fly fishing equipment to OFFC to benefit its programs and activities.

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Overlake Fly Fishing Club

Fishing is the heart of our community – since 1974

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Understanding and Fishing Stillwater in B.C.

For February we Are having a presentation and a fly tying demo. Deb Paskall is our presenter. She is an exceptional fly tyer and an accomplished fly angler.
Her presentation topic is understanding and fishing stillwater in British Columbia specifically in the Kamloops/Merrit area.  This will be followed by a fly tying demonstration of two very productive stillwater fly patterns.

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Historical Archive of Meetings

So you want to know the last time we heard about the Grand Ronde?  Oct 28, 2008 of course!  In case you didn’t remember, here’s where to look it up.

click image to visit

2017-2018 Meeting Speaker & Topics

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So you want to know the last time we heard about the Grand Ronde?  Oct 28, 2008 of course!  In case you didn’t remember, here’s where to look it up.

JanuaryTiger MuskyDave Dana
FebruaryWestern Rivers ConservancyJim CoxJohn Day River Project
MarchFly Lines Technology Bill WheelerUnderstanding Fly Lines and Their Use
AprilGear Swap and RoundtablesClub Members Roundtables: 1.Len Zickler IFFF Why join?, 2. Tying a water boatman w/ Bill Reisbeck, 3. Jason Cotta All about reels
MayFly Fishing Photography 101Carol Ann MorrisHow to Capture What You See
SeptemberHi-LakersEric FickheisenShort history, a few statistics, surveys Planting fish vs. not planting fish, Local easy access lakes & medium effort lakes
OctoberWild Fish ConservancyJaimie GlasgowHow the Consevancy Works & their Projects
Novermber HumorDick StreaterFreshwater Hall of Fame Member
1stPlace winner Northwest Outdoor Writers 1993-1994
December Holiday Party

2016 Meeting Speakers & Topics

FebruaryWashington WildernessMichael WilliamsMichael T Williamsʼ “Washington Wilderness” presentation is a captivating combination of remote country fly fishing coupled with backpacking and llama packing adventures. Michaels outstanding photography plus inspiring anecdotal narration make for an engaging and informative experience. Alpine lake fishing tips are included. Two of Washingtonʼs many Wilderness areas are featured: The Pasayten, 530,000 acres of North Cascades peaks, flower filled meadows, open slope highlands---and dozens of trout filled lakes. Pasayten Wilderness, 25 miles north of Winthrop, WA, borders British Columbia to the north, Ross Lake to the west. 600 miles of trail! Awesome fishing! Indian Heaven, 20,000 acres of huckleberries, beargrass and jewel-like lakes is located SW from Mt Adams in the Southern Cascades. Native Cultures have been coming to this magnificent area for at least 1,000 years.
MarchSmall Streams of the West Zach Sexton Zach Sexton is the host of Fish Whisperer TV. He worked for several fish and wildlife agencies while working his way through college and found a variety of fishing opportunities off the beaten track. Zach will be talking to the group about fishing small streams in the northwest, flies to use, techniques, and what you need to carry to have a successful day. In addition, Zach is an accomplished custom rod builder with a penchant for both bamboo and fiberglass and will be happy to share his experiences as time permits in the evening.
AprilSwap Meet and Skills TablesClub membersTBD
MayWaters of Whatcom County,& Smallmouth Bass Lake WhatcomScott Willison Northwest Washington near the Canadian border often gets overlooked among the many outstanding fisheries within the state, from the Yakima River and fertile trout stillwaters east of the Cascades to the productive sea run cutthroat beaches of southern Puget Sound. Scott Willison, owner of the Confluence Fly Shop in Bellingham will share some of his favorite lesser known fisheries in Whatcom, Skagit and Island Counties as well the Lower Mainland, BC. He'll discuss timing, tactics and patterns to catch big Lake Whatcom smallmouth bass, coho salmon, sea run cutthroat and the elusive sea run bull trout along the beaches of Whidbey Island and the shirt sleeve summer rainbow and bull trout fisheries within the Skagit system from Washington to British Columbia.
SeptemberTBDJim Teeny Jim Teeny is a northwest fly fishing icon that has been developing leading edge products for over 40 years. He is the developer of the Teeny Nymph fly pattern, which has been responsible for more than 30 IGFA world records and will catch just about anything that swims. In addition, he has developed his own hooks and purpose built fly lines, which have become the #1 sinking lines throughout the world today. Jim will be giving a fly tying demonstration on how to tie the Teeny Nymph before our meeting and talk to group about how fly fishing needs to be viewed as a system and how to apply that system to the waters of the northwest.
OctoberFish Need WaterTyler Allen I have developed a robust program called “Fish Need Water” that addresses fish handling and the ability to reduce post-catch mortality in our sport fisheries. We keep things fun, at the same time relying heavily on peer-reviewed science and our combined experience guiding, fishing, and living on the water. I outline ways to help keep sportfish populations strong and the reasons each of us should care. The information is just as valuable to harvest anglers as strictly C&R fisherpeople.
NovemberSea Run Cutthroat in Fresh Water Rivers and Lakes Patrick TrotterTBD
January 2017 Tiger Muskie Dave Dana TBD
February 2017 Smallmouth Bass on the John DayJim Cox TBD

2015 Meeting Speakers

JanuaryFly Fishing the Flats Without a Popper: Hooking, and Landing the flats Grand Slam: Bone Fish, Permit and TarponLeland Miyawakiwww.orvis.com/bellevue
FebruaryDry Fly Fishing at Fernie, British Columbia John Waggoner
MarchSagebrush Small Mouth Bass on the Yakama RiverDavid Paul Williamswww.thewriterealtor.com
AprilQuality Waters within District 5 (Grant and Adams Counties)Chad Jackson (Washington D.F.W.)
SeptemberNorthwest Salmon and Trout Fishing under Current Drought ConditionsDavid Paul Williamswww.thewriterealtor.com
OctoberPuget Sound Sea Run Cutthroat Combined with Trout Fishing on the Lower Deschutes River in Oregon from Warm Springs to the Columbia RiverChester Allenwww.askaboutflyfishing.com
NovemberFishing Puget Sound Saltwater for Sea Run Cutthroat, Salmon as well as Kayak FishingBlake Merwinwww.gigharborflyshop.com

2014 Meeting Speakers

JanuaryEat MeMike Koslosky   PSFF
FebruaryIndicator Fishing StillwatersIra Siebert
MarchSearun CutthroatsLeland Miyawaki Orvis
AprilWestside FisheriesDaniel Garrett   DFW
MayGarage Sale &Fishing Skills 
July PICNICNate Heckman
OctoberStillwater FishingPhil Rowley
DecemberHoliday PartySanta


2010 Presentations

2010 Christmas Party Presentation
2010 Christmas Party Slideshow
Smith River — Five Days of Heaven, by Joe Kristof’

Fly Fishing Argentina – Larry Petersen
Fly Fishing the Owyhee River in Oregon – Chas Wade
Fly Fishing the Olympic Peninsula – Rex Mauer
Fly Fishing Books – Reading and Collecting – Lory Watkins
Preparing for the Smith River Montana Float Trip –
Kristof Brothers

2009 Presentations

Alaska on a Budget, by Lee McKenna
An Introduction to Fly Fishing Still Waters, by Bill LeFever

2008 Presentations

January 22
This evening’s program will cover three great fishing opportunities in the northwest:  Bill LaFever will be covering lake fishing techniques, equipment and locations in Washington and BC; Chas and Andy Wade will highlight flyfishing for steelhead on Olympic Peninsula rivers; and Joe Kristof will share his knowledge of planning a self-guided, multi-day float trip on Montana’s Smith River.

February 26
Smallmouth Bass Fishing the John Day – Dave McCoy, Emerald Water Anglers

March 25
Fishing Eastern Washington Lakes – Jeff Korth, DFW Fisheries Biologist

April 22
Flyfishing for Steelhead and Salmon on Olympic Peninsula Rivers – Jim Kerr,   Guide

May 27
Fly Rod Design and Technology – Chris Andersen – Director of Marketing, Sage

June 24
Flyfishing for Carp in Eastern Washington – Dave Williams

July 26
OFFC Club Picnic

August 26
High Alpine Lake Fishing – Dave Weyrick

September 23
Fly Fishing the Wenatchee River  – Steve Joyce, Red’s Fly Shop

October 28
Ron Romig –  Fly Fishing the Grand Ronde for Steelhead
Ed Kane –  Bonefish on a Fly

November 25
Gary Loomis  – Gary will be talking about the Coastal Conservation Association.  CCA is spearheading the recovery of northwest salmon and steelhead through addressing the commercial over-harvesting of fish.

December 9
Holiday Party

Overlake Fly Fishing Club

Fishing is the heart of our community – since 1974