Great Program Next Week with 3RTU

Judy Harris

I wanted to extend an invitation to the Overlake Fly Fishing members because I know many of you are also members of the Three Rivers Chapter of Trout Unlimited. We have a great program this next Wednesday, May 17th at the Redmond VFW – You won’t want to miss this one! Join us and meet Dave McCoy, owner of Emerald Water Anglers in West Seattle, and Giancarlo Lawrence, @theblackstonefly, as they share stories about their efforts to build diversity and equity for fly fishing and outdoor spaces. We’ll watch Gian’s movie that screened at the Telluride Mountain Film Festival and see an episode of a new series he is working on. We’ll hear about podcasts, documentaries, and more that they both are developing.

There’s also a chance, if their parents give the go-ahead – lol!, that we’ll hear from a couple of my middle school students who took part in the OFFC Outreach with Tim, Jeff, Dick, Jim, and so many more as they visited my middle school classroom and introduced 30 very diverse students to the world of fly fishing!

This is going to be a good one. If you haven’t heard these two guys talk fishing, food, the world, well let’s just say you are missing out! And if you haven’t met any of my students, you’re definitely missing out! You know the venue – Redmond VFW. Come join us next Wednesday.



Dory Fishing

Judy Harris

Hi All,
Does anyone have any information on charters for dory fishing off the Washington and/or Oregon coast. The Pacific City Dory Fishing operation appears closed indefinitely according to their website. I’d like to find a dory charter operation that uses fly fishing gear rather than spinning gear. Any ideas, please reply.

Thanks much,


Go Fund Me For Joe Jarzynka

Joe coakley

A Go Fund Me has been set up for Joe Jarzynka who drowned while fishing the Sol duc River . He leaves behind a wife and two young daughters. Joe was my friend and a dedicated steelhead fisherman but also remembered as legend among Washington Huskies football players who never called a fair catch in 4 years of returning punt returns and kickoffs. His accident may have been preventable as he was using subpar gear and reportedly not wearing a life vest. He got caught under a log jam. RIP. PLEASE DONATE WHATEVER YOU CAN.

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Int/Adv Casting Class Changes

Judy Harris

Good morning all,
We had some changes to the formatting of the Intermediate/Advance Casting Class offered in the Education programs this year.

We have asked Tom Cammarata, of Northwest Fly Casting, to come on board and teach this class for members who are interested. Tom is a professional casting instructor and FFI certified. It goes without saying that he is very accomplished but he also has helped numerous people prepare for their FFI CI certification.

If you’d like to take your casting to a new level or if your confidence in your casting has kept you from going to some pretty cool places to fish – or maybe you want to be able to cast regularly past the 40-50′ mark, in wind and dicey conditions, learn how to lay the line down so the wily fish don’t see it coming, and how to set your fly down right where you intend it to go instead of hoping it will end up there, then this is your opportunity.

We have two spots left and then the class will be filled. The classes will be held the evenings of May 5 and May 19 at Lake Sammamish State Park. There will be a charge for these two classes of $ 75 to participants ($ 75 total, not each). OFFC is picking up the remaining cost to have a professional casting instructor for this opportunity.

If you’re interested then reply on this thread and let Judy know as soon as possible.

Additionally, if you are interested in preparing for your FFI Casting Instructor certification please contact Judy via email or reply to this thread.

Thank you and tight lines!


Reminder to register for classes

Judy Harris

Hi All, Just a reminder to take a look at all of the education offerings that we have scheduled for our members this year. We have already started with some of them including a great turn out for the Euronymphing course. We have a two handed spey clinic coming up that is scheduled for April 30. We have a fantastic instructor who is coming up just to teach this class. However, I will need to know by Friday if you are planning on registering. We have a minimum number of members for this one which is a $100 cost per registrant. If we don’t reach our minimum number by end of business day this Friday, April 8, this class will have to be rescheduled for Fall. Please visit the website, take a look at all the offerings and see if there are any you’d like to take part in. Tight lines!

April membership meeting program

Paul St. Pierre

David Paul Williams returns to present “Stuff Fish Eat” to the
OFFC. Last year he talked about Western Small Mouth Bass and
Puget Sound salt water fishing.

David Paul Williams has been waving a stick with his feet in cold water for
over fifty years. He’s fished the storied Yellowstone waters, California
beaches, step-across-creeks in the Oregon desert, Wyoming alpine lakes, and
plenty of places in between. He loves to share his hard-earned knowledge at
conferences and clubs.

Author of Fly Fishing for Western Smallmouth (Stackpole Books), and “In
The Field” editor for Washington-Oregon Game & Fish, his articles include
where-to and how-to target bass, trout, salmon, carp, and steelhead for
numerous magazines including Fly Fisherman, American Angler, Northwest
Fly Fishing, Fly Fusion, Flyfishing & Tying Journal, Bassmaster,
SalmonTrout-Steelheader, Salmon Steelhead Journal, Backpacker, Northwest
Travel, Seattle Magazine. His entertaining media presentations are in
demand throughout the west and he demonstrates fly tying at fly fishing
expos. He can be found online at