Great Program Next Week with 3RTU

Judy Harris

I wanted to extend an invitation to the Overlake Fly Fishing members because I know many of you are also members of the Three Rivers Chapter of Trout Unlimited. We have a great program this next Wednesday, May 17th at the Redmond VFW – You won’t want to miss this one! Join us and meet Dave McCoy, owner of Emerald Water Anglers in West Seattle, and Giancarlo Lawrence, @theblackstonefly, as they share stories about their efforts to build diversity and equity for fly fishing and outdoor spaces. We’ll watch Gian’s movie that screened at the Telluride Mountain Film Festival and see an episode of a new series he is working on. We’ll hear about podcasts, documentaries, and more that they both are developing.

There’s also a chance, if their parents give the go-ahead – lol!, that we’ll hear from a couple of my middle school students who took part in the OFFC Outreach with Tim, Jeff, Dick, Jim, and so many more as they visited my middle school classroom and introduced 30 very diverse students to the world of fly fishing!

This is going to be a good one. If you haven’t heard these two guys talk fishing, food, the world, well let’s just say you are missing out! And if you haven’t met any of my students, you’re definitely missing out! You know the venue – Redmond VFW. Come join us next Wednesday.



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