The Yakima River is optimal right now as the flows are just below 1400 CFS. I drifted it this week and had fair luck till the barometric pressure dropped and the wind kicked up to over 30 mph. I only recall one other time when the wind forced me off the river early. When the weather report for Ellensburg say windy, best to stay away.

That said the lower Yakima River canyon is a special place with stunning scenery and abundant wild life. The river was clear and crowds manageable with 5 boats and 2 bank anglers on the six mile drift from Red’s Fly Shop to the Big Pines campground.

I generally fish the river at least once or twice a week from now till the middle of October. Weekends are generally too busy in September however I would consider a weekend trip in October. If your interested in joining me I only have a couple requirements. You must be vaccinated, meet me at the boat ramp so we have a second vehicle to shuttle, and be willing to take take turns on the oars. If you have never rowed a drift boat on a river that’s OK as the lower Yakima Canyon is not difficult and I have drifted it hundreds of times and helped numerous people get comfortable on the oars.

If anyone is interested in joining me the let me know.



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