Looking to purchase a 2-3wt fiberglass rod.

Kristen Shafer

New member here, typical shy hermit living under a rock. Still getting a feel for this club.

I have been fly fishing for about 2 summers now and am looking to possibly get my first 2-3 wt fiberglass rod/reel. I like to bushwhack and fish thin blue lines. I currently love stream fishing with my first fly rod, a little White River Dogwood Canyon 5wt.

Not looking for anything super high end since I’m on a teachers salary. I think my cost limit is up near the Echo River Glass. Have been looking around for about a week, but thought to ask around here for recommendations.

Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Looking to purchase a 2-3wt fiberglass rod.”

  1. Hi Kristen, Echo makes a nice 3-weight. I, too like small streams and remote lakes. Reyr makes high quality telescoping rods that collapse to fit in a day pack. I also have a 5-piece 4 wt. by Cabela’s that is very compact for carrying. If you’d like a great stream adventure scramble, look for Keith Baker’s Rapid River outing in August. It’s off of Hwy 2 and goes into the Wild Sky Wilderness. You’ll need felt shoes, a wading staff and PFD and be prepared to wet wade. It’s all dry fly fishing to Westslope Cutts.

  2. Kristen -I have a graphite 3 wt J Kennedy Fisher two piece 8 foot that I built 30 years ago, with a Hardy Lightweight LRH reel and 3 wt forward line…you may use! Probably more practical for you would be a 4 piece…but don’t cut up my rod! Jack Crowley 425- 746 -1824 jwcrowley@hotmail.com/ 15612 SE 42nd Place, Bellevue, WA 98006 (south Bellevue)

  3. anyone can help me change wind on Valentine Model 375 anti-reverse reel circa 40 years ago, from right to left? Reel performed admirably in Yakutat this Sept- ASK COAKLEY, WHO HAS 30 POUNDS OF MY FISH! Friend is going for bones in Yucatan in April, needs a salt water left wind reel for my Sage 7 weight- I have a line for him, but we need a reel!

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