Beginner Fly Tying Gear for 8th grader

Judy Harris

While there is nothing I love better than standing in a river casting to a rising trout, I don’t tie flies. However, thanks to Tim Opitz and the Outreach crew, I have a growing interest in fly angling with my 8th graders. I have a request from a parent who would like to give his son a beginner’s fly tying set-up as his son is super excited to go fishin’ and start tyin’. Since I have no idea what is needed, could you all chime in with ideas and suggestions. Dad would like the basics plus some “extras” that would be nice to have.

Thanks all!



One thought on “Beginner Fly Tying Gear for 8th grader”

  1. Judy, I suggest that father & son visit a local fly shop. Perhaps Creekside Anglers in Issaquah or Pacific Fly Fishers in Mill Creek. These stores can help get them started and may also offer a free or low-cost beginner lesson. I think that’s better than buying a pre-stocked kit.

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