Martha Lake Warm Beach

Ron Olsen

Looking for something a bit different and also curious about another “quality” lake, so headed to Martha Lake, Warm Beach. Was joined by George Hu. Good public launch on north end, lake is a bit of a tea cup with 70′ at deepest. Good edge areas at 8′ to 15′ on northwest corner, along north side, and a nice “wild” pocket on the south east edge. Nice day, a bit of wind. Lake is two fish over 14″ and open all year. We found fair number of willing stockers from this year, but few of the holdovers. Got a few up to 16″. Lake is heavily fished by the catch and keep folks mostly trolling up and down the deeper middle. We found some chironomid and blob action in the shallower areas and a black bead head bunny leech produced hits all over the lake.


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