Martha Lake Warm Beach

Ron Olsen

Looking for something a bit different and also curious about another “quality” lake, so headed to Martha Lake, Warm Beach. Was joined by George Hu. Good public launch on north end, lake is a bit of a tea cup with 70′ at deepest. Good edge areas at 8′ to 15′ on northwest corner, along north side, and a nice “wild” pocket on the south east edge. Nice day, a bit of wind. Lake is two fish over 14″ and open all year. We found fair number of willing stockers from this year, but few of the holdovers. Got a few up to 16″. Lake is heavily fished by the catch and keep folks mostly trolling up and down the deeper middle. We found some chironomid and blob action in the shallower areas and a black bead head bunny leech produced hits all over the lake.


Chain Lake report

George Hu

I fished Chain Lake today from 11 – 3 and ran into Paul St Pierre. Another fisherman said it had fished well on the weekend but today it was slow. It was slow but actually pretty steady and I think we both had a half dozen. None of mine were under 13″ and one nice 16″. A WDFW truck showed up and stocked the lake but when I went to inspect they looked pretty small so I stuck with what was working for me – trolling olive & black hale bopp slowly. One fish I pumped showed daphnia which explained the slow day. But overall fishing was decent and it was nice to catch bigger fish. As I was leaving 3 teens were putting in and I saw a container of worms so I asked them and one said “we’re fishing worms” and then when I told them no bait was allowed they quickly said “we’re using spinners” 😉


Cottage Lake report – fishing well

George Hu

Fished Cottage Lake from about 11-1. I got a report from a dock fisherman that it was slow, but I found fishing to be good and landed a dozen with lots of nibbles. The fish were mainly in front of the docks. Trolling was most effective. Didn’t have any bites stripping. Had about equal action on a sinking line with chartreuse willy and an intermediate with olive bugger (which I just tied at the fly tying class this week!) As with Pine, about half were about 10″ and half 12″.


Lone Lake

I fished Lone Lake on 3/26/2022

Fished 1 to 7 PM
5 fish to net

4 stripping a black micro leech. Type 4 line, 3x leader. Casting and slow stripping. I caught my bigger fish away from the launch. The smaller planters are near the launch, and if you target them you should be able to get a handful.

1 fishing a blood worm about 1 ft off the bottom. This was about 100 yards away from the dock in about 15 ft water.

Fishing was slow, I missed about 4 good takes.

The lake will come alive in the near future, 2-3 weeks from now. It needs to warm up a bit more, I saw very very very few bugs coming off so the good times are ahead for chironomid fishing and some top water emerger fishing. A trip there in mid April should bring you some fishing joy. Keep watching the overnight temperature, if we get a solid week of a team above 50, we will be good for action.


Lake Alice

Lake Alice was fishing really well 3/17 and Bill Courshon & Francis Huynh reported good fishing last weekend. However, yesterday 3/23 I was warned by several boats before me that they hadn’t caught anything and they were right. It was very unusual to not even get a bump. I did see a few fish on the finder but targeting them didn’t help. Perhaps it was daphnia but I never caught one to find out.


Chain Lake

Chain continues to fish well with chironomids. Fished March 9 and 16. On 9th some fish deep, then mid depth, then deep again as the hatch changed. When they were rising, the 5 to 8′ level worked. On the 16th, fish were deep, in 18′ of water with ‘mids 1-3 feet off bottom. Mids were larger, so #12 worked, “bombers”. A few on blood worms on the bottom as well. Have fun!


Lake Alice was just planted

Yesterday around 1:00 PM (3/9/21) they dumped a load of fish into Lake Alice .
I do not have any details as to size or quantity.
It usually takes a day a day or two for the fish to get acclimated and figure out how and what to eat.
However I did see several rising right at dusk around the boat launch so I threw a dry for about 20 min. with no luck.
Come on up and see what you can do.
Good luck.

Tim Opitz