What Camera do you take with you fishing?

Steve Foisie

I’m looking for a camera for fishing adventures. Needs to be compact, waterproof/resistant, takes quality photos, and is either buoyant or can be attached to a floatation device. My Android phone is wholly inadequate for all the above requirements.

What do you bring along to record the events of the day and the scenery?

Thanks in advance for your considerations


One thought on “What Camera do you take with you fishing?”

  1. I use my iPhone 12 in an otterbox-type case which is not wholly waterproof but the phone is. I keep it on a lanyard around my neck. If I were to go into the lake it is typically zipped into my vest and still around my neck so I’m not worried about it sinking. I’ve used phone bags with flotation in them but I find it interferes with the optics.

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