Oct 6th Coho Olalla Outing Report


Olalla Coho Outing
Olalla Coho Outing


The outing yesterday was a great time. We had 10 from the combined groups, some on the beach and some in water crafts. We fished from 12:00- 5:00pm. Total in that area there were 16 fly fishermen and 7 gear fishermen, with no hook ups..We saw 50-60 fish jumping around, they were everywhere. I was on a boat with Phil and we tried about 20 different flies, we were casting to them, trolling and buck tailing, to give our arms a rest.  Phil looked at me at one point and said this had to be the most frustrating day, he ever had at fishing..  Pete Kaufman, from PSFF,  was at Yukon Bay and he had the same story, they had 11 fishermen…So the total for Olalla was 2 SRC and 1 Bullhead  …Yukon Bay 1- 16″ Jack… Boy what a tough day. But we had a great time, soaking up sun, and ended up at Tides Tavern for an early dinner.

Thank you all for coming out..  Terry

[Editor’s Note:  Thanks for the doughnuts, Terry!]


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