Beginner Fly Tying Gear for 8th grader

Judy Harris

While there is nothing I love better than standing in a river casting to a rising trout, I don’t tie flies. However, thanks to Tim Opitz and the Outreach crew, I have a growing interest in fly angling with my 8th graders. I have a request from a parent who would like to give his son a beginner’s fly tying set-up as his son is super excited to go fishin’ and start tyin’. Since I have no idea what is needed, could you all chime in with ideas and suggestions. Dad would like the basics plus some “extras” that would be nice to have.

Thanks all!



HELP: Fly Tyers Needed

Tim Opitz

The Youth Program is in need of 1 or 2 fly tyers who can help out this Tuesday.
We need anyone who can work with 8th graders to teach them how to tie a simple fly.
Our team has been hit with COVID and we are short an instructor. These are first-time tiers and the fly is very simple. We can provide everything required. The task is to work with 3-4 students in a classroom to demonstrate and then help them tye their first fly. The location is Stella Schola Middle School in Redmond.
We are teaching 29 kids and trying to keep the student to instructor ratio as low as possible.

If you can help, please contact us ASAP :

Tim Opitz (425) 919-2057 or Bill Biesbeck (425) 738-1178

Thank You !


January Chubski

Here is the material list for Monday’s Chubski Fly Tying Round Table. We will meet on-line again. I will send out an e-mail with the TEAMS link and meeting details, but I wanted to get the materials list to you in case you need time to get the needed materials. Check out the January Windknots for more details.
Thanks Terry

Pat’s Rubber Legs

Hook: #8-#10 Tiemco 5262, Daiichi 1760 or Daiichi 1730, (the benefit of the 1730 is that it will ride with the hook up when weighted).

Weight: Tungsten bead – 7/64”, 1/8” (optional); .015 or .020 non lead weight.

Rubber leg material: Larvae Lace Super Floss, Flexi-Floss, barred rubber legs – color of choice.
Body: Coffee/Black Chenille, Small or Medium.