Chain Lake WARNING

Paul St Pierre

Huh? Strange picture for our fly fishing club. This is a WARNING to all members especially if you fish Chain Lake in Monroe. My truck had it’s catalytic converter cut out and stolen while I was fishing in Chain Lake Saturday morning!

I arrived around 9:30 AM on Saturday and there were 4 cars already parked (for those of you who have never fished it, the parking area is adjacent to a residence that is on the lake. It only holds about 6-7 cars). I unloaded my Kayak parked my F250 and started fishing. There were a couple of guys in float tubes already on the lake but they left soon after I arrived. A little later Bill Courshon joined me. I left around noon. I walked up the ramp to the parking area and everything looked normal. Only two vehicles mine and Bill’s. Once I turned the key in the ignition I was greeted by the sound of a roaring engine. From the pictures you can see they were very neat and didn’t create any collateral damage. I was able to drive it home but not with attracting a lot of attention. I reported it to the Snohomish Sheriff’s office. They were very nice but didn’t have anything promising to say. My insurance has a $500 deductible for comprehensive and they set up an appointment for me Monday. Now, I need to see what can be done to better secure the converter to discourage theft. I don’t want to have to deal with this again.


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  1. Paul how terrible. This lake is such a gem, to have it blemished like this is very disturbing.

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