Lone Lake May 20

Paul. St. Pierre

I fished Lone lake on Thursday. It started out slow. Around mid-morning the bite started to pickup using chironomids under an indicator. A lot of take downs and missed fish. I did landed a half dozen fish or so with a mixture of recent plants and holdovers. The best fly for me was a blood worm tied with red beads. The best fish (pictured) was a fat 17 inches. Unfortunately I lost that fly to a break off around noon. I had a similar fly but much bigger. It worked but not as well.

There was one guy there I didn’t know who was just slaying them. He was fishing two rods. (I haven’t figured out how to mange two rod with indicators. I’m always holding the wrong rod ). He had at least four doubles. He also pulled in a lot of foul hooked hooked fish which he announced to his buddies. Judging by the comments to his buddies, he was using a size 14 black chironomid with a dark bead and a red thread head.



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