Lone Lake


I fished Lone Lake on 3/26/2022

Fished 1 to 7 PM
5 fish to net

4 stripping a black micro leech. Type 4 line, 3x leader. Casting and slow stripping. I caught my bigger fish away from the launch. The smaller planters are near the launch, and if you target them you should be able to get a handful.

1 fishing a blood worm about 1 ft off the bottom. This was about 100 yards away from the dock in about 15 ft water.

Fishing was slow, I missed about 4 good takes.

The lake will come alive in the near future, 2-3 weeks from now. It needs to warm up a bit more, I saw very very very few bugs coming off so the good times are ahead for chironomid fishing and some top water emerger fishing. A trip there in mid April should bring you some fishing joy. Keep watching the overnight temperature, if we get a solid week of a team above 50, we will be good for action.


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