Any of you chasing SRC in the South Sound

Rodney Bryan

I plan to start hitting the salt in the next few weeks, and I would love any intel any of you salty members are willing to share. I have experience but haven’t been in the salt in a few months so at a minimum, I need some intel on where NOT to go.


2 thoughts on “Any of you chasing SRC in the South Sound”

  1. I went out a few times with Leland and we were looking for SRC feeding on euphosids. They show themselves in the shallows with swirls and you cast with a small euphosid pattern and cover the swirl. We saw some jumping rezzies but they were small. We met at Olalla and fish the higher tides that give them enough water to explore the shoreline. The rezzies should be at Narrows Park soon and they love a small pink clouser. Chris B.

  2. The Gig harbor beaches are still relatively slow but I know there is action at the hood canal beaches. Hint : State parks

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