Want to buy an 8wt reel with Floating line

Jim Anderson

I’m looking for a good deal on an 8 wt reel with floating line. It would be great if it were a machined reel

(This is actual Rodney starting this post on behalf of Jim)


4 thoughts on “Want to buy an 8wt reel with Floating line”

  1. Hello Rodney,

    My intention is to use it mainly for freshwater rivers. I may also by a spare spool and use it in the salt.


    Jim A

  2. A reel and line can be used in both Fresh and salt as long as you rinse both after being in the salt. I have a brand new Allen reel (red and Blue) that is a good candidate for your use-case.

    I have not spent much time on the rivers so I would love another member to chime about the proper line would work best. 8WT is heavy for most trout fishing, and if you are swinging, you probably want something heavier.

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