Cottage Lake report – fishing well

George Hu

Fished Cottage Lake from about 11-1. I got a report from a dock fisherman that it was slow, but I found fishing to be good and landed a dozen with lots of nibbles. The fish were mainly in front of the docks. Trolling was most effective. Didn’t have any bites stripping. Had about equal action on a sinking line with chartreuse willy and an intermediate with olive bugger (which I just tied at the fly tying class this week!) As with Pine, about half were about 10″ and half 12″.


One thought on “Cottage Lake report – fishing well”

  1. Fished Cottage April 25. Many small fish, as low as 7 1/2″ but most about 10″+. Got two holdovers, on 14″ and one 18″. Bigger fish were much deeper, about 24′ down. Stripping Olive Willy, black bunny leech. Fun crowd, lots of happy kids!

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